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Sep 8, 2013, 11:27:50 PM (7 years ago)
Daniel ANDRE

The chosen option for this information is:

  • create one topic in ancestris forum( dedicated for these informations. New Ancestris versions will be announced in it.
  • ATM there are two forum: one for English and one for French.
  • The start page (aka welcome) has been modified to display the RSS feed for these topics in a tab.

This has been fixed in r4538.

Note: I am leaving this ticket opened in unscheduled milestone as it could be very convenient to provide some alert on new version availability (eg start page put to front, notification in the statusBar)


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    initial v1  
    11If running version 0.6 we don't have any information on the availability of a new stable version (0.7). This information could be provided:
    2 * in the welcome screen
    3 * in the About window
    4 * in a notification window (bottom right icon)
     2 * in the welcome screen
     3 * in the About window
     4 * in a notification window (bottom right icon)