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Localization - How to translate Ancestris

You want to help us to improve or review the translation we have begun in your language (actually we have ressources files for 'Deutsch', 'Dutch', 'English', 'Español', 'Italiano', 'Norsk', 'Polski', 'Portuguès', 'Suomi', 'Svenska').

Or you want us to add another language not yet supported by Ancestris (danish, russian, etc)?

Question: If you help us, do you have to review the whole translation? No, absolutely not. If you want to translate/review just a few sentences, words, etc.. it's OK, and we will be very happy to add your contribution to Ancestris and your work will be available for everybody in the next release.

Which program to use: Trancestris

Trancestris is an editor made by one of the developers named Lemovice (Dominique). It is fully functional. Trancestris is updated from time to time. Check the version date below.


This is a little video about how to install and use Trancestris.

This video is in french (if you want me to make one in english, feel free to ask to francois@…), but images are self explanatory. Give it a look, but read the explanation given on this web page, it's useful. How to install and use Trancestris

a) Download

First "Java"

Trancestris is written in Java, so must have Java on your computer. To check whether or not you have Java, there are two ways to do so:

  • Using the command line. Open a terminal, then type "java -version". If you see something like this, it's ok.
    java -version
    java version "1.8.0_45"
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_45-b14)
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.45-b02, mixed mode)
  • Another way is to go on Oracle (previously Sun) web site, then click on the button "Verify Java version". If you have the right version, you should see something like that

If you have Java, it's ok, no problem, you can download and install Trancestris. If you don't have Java, you have to go and download the appropriate version of Java on the download section of Oracle web site.

Now Trancestris

Just download it. There are five versions :

(Updated on 2017/11/15 for the Windows, Linux (.sh) and MacOs files. On 2016/03/23 for the Ubuntu (.deb) file, and on 2015/05/01 for the .rpm (fedora, ...) file. The .zip file is updated each day.)

Important: Please update always to the latest version.

b) Installation

Installation should run as we say "out of the box". Your computer must know what to do with the file downloaded. If you prefer to install Trancestris in a certain place, you have to download the .zip file, that way you will be able to put it where you want.

Remarks about Windows 8, 8.1, ...
If you run Windows, it's possible that you get these warning messages.

We can't do anything about it. Windows doesn't know Trancestris nor the Ancestris Team. If you are billions of people using Ancestris and Trancestris, I'm sure Windows won't warn you anymore in the future. I'm gonna give Bill Gates a phone call.

Once you click on "OK", you will have for the same reason as above the following screen.:

Of course you have to click on OK, Trancestris is not a dangerous program, it's an editor, and its source code is free, it's an "open source" programm, so there is no danger at all. If you have a virus scanner, run it against Trancestris and you will see there is no problem. If you don't like those warnings, you are free to download and install the zip file.

c) How to use it?

How do I use Trancestris?

Here is the process to begin with Trancestris

A - The first time you run Trancestris

What do we see here ? These are the steps from the installation of Trancestris to your first translation sent to the Ancestris Team.

Steps a to f are only for the first time you install and start Trancestris.

a - You have to download Trancestris (see above the appropriate version you need (Windows, Linux, ...). Once downloaded, just install it.

b - Then fire up Trancestris.
The first screen which appears is the following:

c - Don't change the first line, it's the repository of the bundles file. The second one is where you want the downloaded file "" has to be saved on your computer. Default is your home directory. Change it for whatever you want but don't change the name of the file "", change just the path if you want. The last line is certainly, one of the most important ones. You want to translate from which language, to which language. Here, I have Translate from English To English. Of course, I don't want to do so, so, I'm gonna change the second parameter and will choose for example Norwegian. I'm gonna have: "Translate from English To Norwegian". Click on "OK".

d - A new window pops up, it's the "Tip of the Day". Read it and click on "close".

But in the background, Trancestris has downloaded the file. Once downloaded a window appears that will give you the result of the process, it should be "The file has been downloaded". Click on "OK".

e - New step, very important: you have to configure the settings to send your translation. So a message pops up which says: "Information - You must configure the extension before sending the translated bundle to the Ancestris Team. Go to Tools - Options -> Send Translation Tab". Click on "OK".

This will open the appropriate config menu window.

You have to indicate:
* Your Name and First Name.
* Your email address.
* The SMTP outgoing server address (eg. for the ISP Free, it's "", for Gmail, it's "").
* The connection encryption type (eg. for free it's None, for Gmail it's SSL), the SMTP port will change according to the encryption type (usually 25 for None, 587 for TLS and 465 for SSL), however if your provider requests a specific port number, fill the SMTP port field with the one requested.
* Does the server need an authentification? if so (for Gmail for example, it requires an authentification), fullfill the two fields with the appropriate information.

f - Click on "OK" to save your changes.

g - Great, we are ready to begin to translate :-)
On the left side you will find the tree directories available in that archive
There are three main directories : AncestrisCore, AncestrisExtensions and Tools. AncestrisCore is the program itself. AncestrisFrExtensions are all plugins available for Ancestris. Tools is actually, only the program Trancestris, the one you use to translate.
You can navigate thru those directories, sub-directories. Select one of the main directories (eg. AncestrisCore), and expand it. Again, you will find the main subdirectories. Choose one, and expand it. You have to go to the last subdirectory of the subdirectory you choose (it's when there is no more possibility to expand it), click on it.

When a subdirectory is colored red, it means there is something that needs to be translated. If it's blue, nothing need to be done (but it's a good idea to check though). If there is something that could be translated, you will see on the right side, the text to translate.
* You have to know that the best fullfilled Bundle is always the english one (named ""). So it's always better to translate from "English", to something else, instead of from "Italian to ...." or from "French to ....". Even if you translate from English to something else, you could find some sentences not already translated into english; it could be a good idea to translate them first (to do so, translate from English to English).
* You will see on the main screen (on the right side) that some sentences are colored. Some are red, some are black, some are blue. The red ones are not yet translated. The black and blue ones are already translated. Click on a red one, and begin your translation in the lower part of the editor. Your translation must be written in it. Once the sentence(s) is(are) translated, click on the "OK" button. Important: Don't hit Return at the end of the last line, because this would add a carriage return to the bundle.
* From time to time, check even the black and blue ones. Some needs to be updated.
* The difference between the black ones and the blue ones is that the blue ones are sentences which have been translated, but they have the same wording in both language. Example, in english we can have "Table", and in french, we have the same word "Table".
* You have to respect and rewrite the different sign codes, the html codes, etc, some sentences can contain.
* Once you send a translation to François, please wait for his feedback before going further in your translation. When you send a translation to François, he will commit your work to the source code repository and will generate a new version of Ancestris, Trancestris, and the bundles package. It means that the new time you will fire up Trancestris you will have to download a new file (Trancestris will do that for you automatically) and in it, your previous work will be included already.

Once you want to stop to translate, save your work. But a better idea is to send your work, even if it's not completed, to the Ancestris Team.

  • Click on the little icon which represents a letter with a green mark. This will open a window and will attach automatically your work (the translation you've just made) to the message Trancestris is about to send to our Team. If you want to add comments to the mail, go ahead, and give us some feedback.
    If you can't send it, it means you didn't fullfill the right information to the "Send Translation" tab in the config menu, or you are behind a proxy and something doesn't work. But your work is not lost. In the same directory where the bundles file has been downloaded, there is a new file created with your work, named "" (xx is the international code for the language you decided to translate to, eg. "it" for italian - Attach that file to a mail and send it to the Ancestris Team (send it to Francois, member of the development team (Email : francois AT ancestris DOT org so you replace the AT with a "@", and the DOT with a dot so ".").
  • If you don't have finish your work, and you don't want to send it to the development team. You have to click on the icon which represents a floppy disk to save your work. Or from the pull down menu, do "File" - "Save the whole ressources file". This will save the whole file "", and of course with it, your work.

Don't forget to tell François which translation you did (from which language to which language).
If you want to do some tests before to translate lots of sentences, translate just 5 or 10 words and send your translation to François. (see above the email to use). Wait for his comments before going further. He will validate your work, and you will be sure that the translations you will do later, will be ok.


It's always a good idea to send your work from time to time.
Once done (you sent your work), don't translate anymore, wait for your mods to be added to Ancestris. You will receive a mail from Francois (one of the Ancestris Team members) that will tell you that everything is ok, and you can go on with your work on new translations. Restart Trancestris, download the new file when Trancestris tells you to do so, and voila ;-).

B - You sent your first translation. What to do next?

You sent your first translation to the Ancestris Team. All you have to do then is ..... wait. ;-)

You have to wait until you receive a mail from someone from the Ancestris Team saying that everything has been updated, and that you can go on with your translation work.

When you sent a translation, someone from the Team receive it, and has to update Ancestris with it. Once done, he has to rebuild a new package of Ancestris and make it available for users. Then, he has to rebuild a new bundle package which will include all the new sentences you translated. Once that new package is made, he has to upload it to our server, to make it available to people like you who help to translate the program.

So it's important for you to wait for the mail from our Team. Once that mail received, restart Trancestris and Trancestris will ask you to check whether or not a new file of sentences is available.

Of course, say "Yes".

If a new bundles package is available, you will see the following screen. Again, click on "Yes", to download the new package.

It's important for you to continue with your work on that new package, because, if you use the old one, it's possible that your work will be lost.

The Languages file (The bundles package)

A language file is named "Bundle". The bundles are all gathered into one zip file. In this file, all the directories, and sub directories must be preserved. If you look in each directory with an archiver tool, you could see many Bundle files. Usually, they are named that way : "" (or for the english one), xx is the international code for the country except for the english one which is the default bundle as I said; so we have:

  • "de" for german (so
  • "en" for english (so
  • "es" for spanish (so
  • "fr" for french (so
  • "it" for italian (so
  • "nl" for dutch (so
  • "no" for norwegian (so
  • "pl" for polish (so
  • etc...

The actual tool does read inside the zip file, so you don't have to unzip the archive. Use it as it is.

To download the latest update of that file, just use Trancestris (see above). Of course, the file can be downloaded using the link below. (updated each time a change has been made)

If you want to be sure of what you're doing, if you translate one item, you can send the specific zip file "" once saved, to François (see below for his Email). If you want us to support a new language and add the appropriate file(s), feel free to do so.
Please send a mail to francoisATancestrisDOTorg (change the AT by @ and the DOT by a dot .). Once the file added to the distribution, it will have to be translated though.

The Contributors

Those are the persons who translated, reviewed some of the sentences, words used into Ancestris. We need you.

Languages Contributors Maintainers Translation advancement
* Czech Martin Široký ... 19%
* Danish Lars Jørgen Helbo ... 100%
* Dutch JF Bouquelle,
Harry Mensch,
Theo van Lissum
... 100%
* English ... ... 100%
* Esperanto Emmanuelle Richard,
Axel Rousseau,
Marielou Cochard
... 17%
* Finnish Antti Riipi ... 38%
* French ... ... 99%
* German Ulrich Thoma,
Peter Hochreiter
... 86%
* Greek Dimitrios Bletsas Dimitrios Bletsas 99%
* Hungarian Tamás Biró ... 15%
* Italian Paolo Odone,
Paolo Odone 100%
* Latvian Mārtiņš Anšmits,
... 96%
* Norwegian CartoonistHenning,
François Massonneau
... 19%
* Polish Bogumił Cieniek Bogumił Cieniek 96%
* Portuguese Frederico Muñoz,
Duarte Ramos,
Pedro Albuquerque
Pedro Albuquerque 100%
* ... ...
* Spanish Yannick Voyeaud ... 65%
* Swedish Dag Issjö ... 79%
* ... ...

N.B. The percentage above is given for the latest beta release of Ancestris.

Thank you to all of you.

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