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Translate Ancestris

Want to help us to translate the resources files from French, to other languages, like English, German, Italian, Spanish, .....

Several methods are available to you.


The first is to install Netbeans, to download Ancestris' source and to engage in the translation.

Look on Ancestris Website the way to install Netbeans and configure everything to be operational.


Download and installation

The second is to use a very nice tool which is called OmegaT. Choose your favorite version (Linux, Windows, Mac) in the "Download OmegaT page.

Unzip the file. It will install to a directory called OmegaT.

In this directory you will find a file named "OmegaT.jar. Click it, or else, if you open a terminal, run the program by typing: "java-jar OmegaT.jar.

Under Linux, the executable "*. jar" does not often start automatically with a double click. However, you can create a small bash script to simplify the launch. Create a file called something like "" that you put in the program directory and will contain the following:

java -jar /home/user/OmegaT/OmegaT.jar

and make it executable. Double clicking on this file will automatically launch OmegaT. (If necessary modify the path of OmegaT.jar file depending on your setup)


The program starts first with a quick summary of how the program works. Feel free to read it because it can really help.

If you want to do something now that OmegaT is installed, and you know how to start, things are getting serious: actual translation.

To translate, you must have something to translate. So you must follow the source Ancestris or so more simply, the language files Ancestris labeled ' If you do not want to take over all the source, ask in the list of development Ancestris that someone send you one or more language files Ancestris or take any of the files below.

When you have that language file, you place it somewhere on your hard drive, and you run OmegaT.

There you choose "New - Project". You give a name to your project, eg "ancestris. (If you show more imagination, please don't hesitate). You put the name of your project in the field "Select :...." just above the field "Filter". If this directory does not exist, do not worry, OmegaT will do it for you, you may just want to put only the name.

A screen appears that gives you the default directories OmegaT created for you. At first glance, not much to change here, except that we must give attention to one thing: you are going to translate from French into another language, so pay attention at the fields "Language source file" and "Language target files. If you translate from French into English, you must have as "Language source files" FR-FR and "Target Language" EN-GB or en-us. Other modif : the "Files folder in source language". You set the directory where you put your or your files to translate ( If you don't you will have to copy your .Properties files in this directory.

A new screen appears. If you do not put your source files in the proper directory and that therefore any files. Properties doesn't appear, you will have to click on "Import source files ....". You also state in the screen the language file that you had taken or that you had received, called a priori "" or " You highlight (if not already done) the file to translate, you click on "Close", and voila....

You place your cursor in the first field between the tags "start 0001" and "end": <start 0001> Sentence to translate <end> And so you go.

To confirm a translation, you have to press "enter" after every sentence you've translated. That will take you automatically to the next sentence.

When all is finished, you'll click on "project" "save" and "Create documents translated", and it's done. Your translated files will be in the subdirectory "Target".

Feel free to supplement this assistance as and when you are testing the translation process. Thank you.

Here are some files to translate - It's up to you :-) (Right click and "save target as ..." to save the file). If there is an update, the best is probably to take the French original file AND file requiring translation or update:


  • If you translate some of these files, thank you to rename the result of your translation without forgetting to add the language code of the new file. Example: If you have picked the French file calculator, it is called " After your translation, make sure it is called "" if you translated it into English. If you translated into Russian, it will be called "
    • Then you return the file to francoisATarvernesDOTcom (AT is replaced by @ and DOT with a period)
  • Help wanted : We need help to translate that wiki site from french to english and/or german and/or spanish, and/or etc...

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