If you want to see the evolution of Ancestris, the developments of the software, you are to the right place to download the latest beta versions.

How to use it

To use this beta version of Ancestris, it's very simple.

  • download the latest file below,
  • unzip it where you want on your computer,
  • in the directory where you unzipped the file, look for a sub directory named /ancestris/bin/. There you will find two files which can be executed. One for each operating system :
    • windows: ancestris.exe
    • linux (and I suppose Mac) ancestris,
  • fire up the one you want.

Once done, open a test file (a gedcom file), or one of the examples provided with Ancestris you can find on the first tab of the welcome screen. Then, play with it, open, close, dock, etc.. windows, ... download one or more plugins, enter data, delete, change, etc...

Warning: We use the latest beta for our genealogies, so we are very confident with it. But the best a software can be, it's always a good idea to have backups of your data. The software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

How to help?

To improve this latest development version of Ancestris, we need your help. Each one can help and you need no computing and programming knowledge.

Use it as much as possible

Use this latest beta as much as possible and report the eventual problems you can have, your wishes, the bugs you can encounter. The more you can help, the better Ancestris will be.

  1. Create backups of your data regularly. That way, if you have a problem, if you do something wrong, etc.. you will be able to restore your data and restart to work on your genealogy as before.
  2. Use always the latest version available. Ancestris will update itself each time a new version is provided. Bugs may have been fixed, new features can be added, etc..
  3. Check your data and report the eventual problems.

Register to the english mailing list

Informations are given in the mailing lists. One in english is available. Take a look to the Ancestris web sites. How to register is explained in the "Community" tab.

Help us to write Ancestris Help

Help us to write the Ancestris internal help.

Help us to translate Ancestris

Help us to translate Ancestris to your own language. Check there.

Create your plugins

You know the Java programming language. Download the NetBeans framework (Integrated Development Environment), register to the dev mailing list, and voila, you have everything to start your work on your new plugin.

The different development releases

  • 13/09/2017
    • Major change on the way Ancestris is packaged and built.
  • 26/01/2017
    • More dutch and polish translation added.

If a beta release is available after an official release, it's there you can download it. The latest beta version is here. Even if it looks a little bit old, don't worry, Ancestris will update itself to the latest code.

Old beta releases are available there in this directory.

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