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Why yet another site?

What exists

I will explain the motivations that led us to create this space. Before that, a quick point on what exists:

  • Firstly, there is the official site, the users site of Ancestris . This area is full of documentation, tips and tricks, additional developments. There are also a number of chat rooms dedicated to the Francophone community . This site is managed by François and get responses from many users. Feel free to bring it to life!
  • There was also a site containing all the feature requests ( It is no longer used ...


Here we are! This site ( replaces, I hope advantageously,

It is created using a software called trac ( and organized in several modules.

  • first, a bugs and features requests management module, as it is intended to replace the previous one.
  • then a wiki
  • a search module, ...
  • Other modules will be added later

Like the wiki page given above, which is oriented users, this site is only intended for discussions related to the development of specific modules of users. It is of course open to all but the main contributors are french developers accustomed to ancestris and ancestris-dev mailing lists. A big advantage is that all pages of this site will be automatically linked. For example, a wiki page describing a particular development will easily reference (with a link of course) a list of tickets.

I hope it will be used by many developers and YaPluKa ;-)

Daniel ANDRE